Thứ Bảy, 28 tháng 11, 2015

GreenLife Soft Grip Black 12pc set 

Based on a classic aluminum design, Soft Grip Black 12pc represents a complete solution from Greenlife designed to help you showcase your cooking skills under a professional matter. Rest easy if the kitchen is a new environment for you because this greenlife ceramic cookware is built to endure any experiment you can ever imagine.

Built with the best cooking materials and coming from a top company in the market, every item included with Soft Grip Black 12pc is guaranteed to provide endurance as the Thermolon ceramic offers a healthy solution and safety for your family. Order now and you get 10% off and free shipping!

Materials and fabrication details

Every item included in the set is based on healthy coated ceramics and specifically designed so that your food won't get stuck on the bottom of your pan or pot. That is if you  manage to cook it right, of course!

The handles are made of Bakelite while being designed to stay cool regardless of the operation or temperature you're using the set for and they will also provide you with a soft touch and a good grip for your hands. There's no need to worry about dropping your pan while flipping your food or getting burned because your pot gets too hot. The first week of using GreenLife ceramic nonstick cookware will ensure you these are only issues from the past. 

Product Usage

Usage requirements are relatively simple and the company only advises you not to use oil sprays or extra virgin olive oil so that your GreenLife ceramic cookware will endure a long usage but you're free to add regular oil or butter to cook your meals.

Low or medium head settings are recommended by GreenLife  but the set can also be used for baking with every items functioning up to 180 Degrees Celsius or 350 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Cleaning your set won't require much effort either as the company recommends hand washing their products with little warm soapy water and a sponge.  

The inside of your pans are safe to go under the same process and things should go pretty easy since the facilitator guarantees non-sticking materials.   

Strength and weaknesses 

If this isn't your first time purchasing GreenLife ceramic cookware you probably know by now all the strong points coming with every GreenLife product. This 14 piece set is not an exception so you'll get 6 soft grip and handy ceramic pots and pans with a solid base ready to endure any cooking process whatsoever, heat distribution, stability, cool handles and a ceramic aluminum body that makes cooking and cleaning easy.  

The only down parts relate to this set being a bit confusing for beginners because it's hard to tell which product to use for what since all pots and pans are challenging to distinguish by size.  Size could've been more differential for starters and the lightweight can also be a problem if you have no kitchen experience so you need to get used to the weight fast if you don't want to flip your food and lose it. Also, two fryers are completely opened and that might be a problem if making a side sauce is something new to you but in the end it all depends on what type of sauce you want to make and if you manage to do it right.

The set is delivered in one color (turquoise) so you won't find any alternatives if you want to place an order based on a different design either.  

What you get?

The final offer includes a 7" and a 9" open fryer, a 1qt covered saucepan followed by a second one with 2qt and a third one with 2.5 qt, a 5qt covered casserole and 4 nylon utensils designed for cooking and food handling. The full set weights around 13.2 pounds and comes with a strong promise based on product usage. 

Built to make a stand in every kitchen regardless of your chef experience, this GreenLife ceramic cookware will help your prepare your favorite food fast, tasty and economically with the cleaning process being something you won't feel forced to do. Based on nothing but solid materials and a good practical design the 14 items provided by GreenLife will also give you an authentic experience while providing the opportunity to advance and improve your cooking skills.