Thứ Tư, 8 tháng 6, 2016

Rubbermaid Ice Chest / Cooler

The Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler provides you with a better-quality thermal retention. It offers a split lid design to curtail loss of cold air and can also be used as camp chair.  It’s strong plastic structure is sturdy around the campground and is trouble-free to move around with all-ground wheels and handle.
  • It is made from stain and odor resistant material
  • It is completely  and entirely manufactured in the USA
  • This Ice Chest offers the 60 quart capacity
  • It is designed to hold more with style that’s, why its lids also consists of inbuilt cup holders
  • In case of spillage this product also features a front side drain
  • It is designed in such a way that it is spacious for more food storage
  • The product flaunts a strong construction with wheels
  • Due to its high stocking size the chest will be heavier when filled up
  • Definitely due to its size this Ice Chest takes up more space

Rubbermaid Cooler, 60-Quart is a Wheeled Ice Chest that offers a hinged, split lid, front drain plug with side swing handles, and a retractable metal and plastic pull handle.
This product comes in Blue color with white lid. Dimensions of the product are 28-1/2”L x 15-1/4”W x 17-3/4”H.

The highly positive ice chest reviews already made cleared how useful and durable this cooler is. This high selling ice chest makes use of bulky urethane foam insulation to maintain inside coolness and to make items freezing for hours.

Through images you may think that it is smaller, but it is quite bigger than what it looks in images. Beside its bulky an spacious designs its ergonomically design favored it to fit in your back seat behind the passenger side. For the time when you planned to go for an impromptu shopping and require to keep things cool and such and you must be amazed how perfectly it will fit behind the passenger seat (not even pushed up all the way) and keeps things cool even without ice.

This is a good cooler if you're using it for the day or two. This cooler is a best cooler not only for a camping trip but for every day use. It will keep your food cool during the drive and overnight, this cooler will work too well if you want to keep things cool for 2 days.

You will surely love this cooler because the contents are so accessible. Rather than the other "red and white" cooler with the push button on the side to open the lid/handle that slides around to the front or back to open, this one is easy to simply lift the top, reach in, and grab a cold one. Those other coolers are hard to open, especially when held in a floating tube while you float down the river with friends on tubes. This Rubbermaid cooler is perfect.Buy one before they go out-of-stock.